Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

Our end of the year project we decided to do was a music video. The people on my team is Kaile,  Jeanne, Meah and Katy . The song we decided on was Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson. We decided on Man In The Mirror because we couldn't decide on any other song, and because some people in our group didn't know some of the songs we had on our list we made. I think it is gonna be super fun to film the video. We have some pretty creative people on our team, so we will have very creative ideas on the storyline. I cant wait to start filming, and I hope we produce quality work.

Our storyline. For our storyline we decided to do a bulling kinda thing. Jeanne, Meah and I are gonna be bullies. Katy will pass by us and we will bully her and beat her up because we are mean. Kaile would pass by us and see that Katy is being bullied, she wouldn't do anything. The next day, she sees Katy being bullied and she stops us and we change ourselves and become friends. It relates to the lyrics because in the song it says, "if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and maybe make a change". So we change ourselves and Kaile also changes and has confidence to stop us.

Lyrics we used
Our project is going pretty well. We filmed most of the needed scenes. We have been filming at Meah's house, the park and the beach using tripods and good quality cameras. Kaile and Jeanne are editing the music video and Katy Meah and I are working on our band poster. I'm glad Kaile is editing it because she is a really good editor, so is Jeanne. When our team comes together to watch the progress, its becomes so embarrassing. It's so embarrassing because you see yourself act so weird. I didn't even notice the slightest things I was doing, like when we were bulling Katy, I was making such weird faces and emotions. I was also acting like a weird/crazy bully. I wanted to laugh so hard. I was so embarrassed, it was so funny seeing myself trying to act.

Song Credits to Michael Jackson

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

Our project this time is a movie trailer. The People on my team is Justin, Ian and Josiah. Our trailer is called Operation Stranded. It is about a detective that has been assigned a case to find a missing person who has already been gone for 2 weeks. He is told that the last sighting of the missing person was on a deserted island. The detective flies on a plane heading towards the island when the plane unexpectedly hits turbulence and crashes violently. He washes up on an island and there are only a few survivors from the plane crash. While scavenging for food, he is shocked with a curious discovery. My part was pretty small. I played the Pilot. The detective was Ian, Josiah was a survivor, and Justin was the VA, so he didn't have to be in it. I filmed two scenes, Justin also filmed two scenes and Josiah filmed one scene but helped with the others.

Some of my teams challenges were filming. Our first scene is when the plain crashes, but we can only film it with a green screen, but we don't really make time for filming that scene. Another challenge is our movie posters. Justin and I are doing the posters. I still need a background image for the poster. Although we have pretty much everything done on the poster, we still need the background image so our poster can be finished. Some of our success we had was communicating and planning. We would text each other and find out who could bring what. Justin would scope out the area we were gonna film in, I would make sure we had everything, Ian would have everything he needed for his role as detective and Josiah would make sure all the composition techniques and angles were correct.

The results of our critique was pretty accurate. I agree with the results. I think that we could have done a better job at editing everything, and making sure we had everything we needed. The movie trailer wasn't the best, it wasn't as jaw dropping as it could have been. If we  have to do another movie trailer, then I would make sure to have everything ready, make sure that the editing is the best, and make sure that we don't forget any scenes or cut any scenes that we might need. I still had a really fun time making this trailer.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

The goal of animation is to create two great metamorphosis statements.The people I have teamed up with is  Meah, Jeanne and James. We created two good metamorphosis statements. We will then have to present it to our class, and make sure that it follows all the rubrics rules. We will also have to complete our plan and our storyboard before we can make a 1-2 minute animation movie with a custom soundtrack.

Our focus statement for our animation is Ant Achieves Confidence. Our first scene is when a kid stomps on an ant hill, and the ants become scared then  they start to panic. Our next scene is when one tiny ant tries to help the colony run away, but a bigger ant tells the smaller ant that he is to tiny to help anyone. Then the little ant runs away and thinks of a way to help his colony. The last scene we have is when the tiny ant thinks of a great idea to help the other ants escape from the boy who is stomping on the ant hill. The ant digs tunnels for the colony to run away. Then finally the tiny ant turns into a drill to drill the ants tunnels to escape through.

For our overall grade we got a 3.3. I think we got a better grade that we should have. Our animation was not the best work that we did. We could have done a better job, if we had a little more time, even though we had 8 weeks. The hardest part of it was when we had to start editing it and putting everything together. I think if we had a few more days, then our work would be higher quality than what our animation is now. We didn't really have much struggles with meeting up and taking pictures or working in class, we were all very productive during class time and all the drawings and pictures were fairly easy to take. The only problem when taking the pictures was then we took each picture then made a change then took the picture again, but the camera was in different places each time so when we put everything together, it was very shaky.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Facial expressions are universal. I was reading a some information about that. It was saying that all cultures, and all people have the same facial expressions. It also stated that we all have the same emotion that goes along with the expression. I think we have the same expressions and emotions because we don't really know anything different. We are born with the same expressions as everyone

The first thing I did was take a photo in photo booth. Next I, opened my photo that I took into photoshop. Then I made sure my photo fit inside the frame. When I had it fit, I made it so each side of my face was the same on both sides. Then I created a background, I added another layer then used my paint bucket tool to make the background white. After that I made sure to lock my background and photo so that I couldn't mess it up. The next thing I did was made a grid on my picture. Then I took my line tool and drew a line down the middle if my picture. After that, I started to trace my hair using the graph. I had to make sure that when I draw a line, it couldn't stop the middle of the square. After I traced my face, hair and ear, I merged them then named it. Then I started to make all the different triangles. After that , I stared to trace my eyebrow, mouth hair and nose. I then merged them into different layers and started to put triangles in them. After that, I started to put more triangles all around my fave so my face was full of triangles. Then I merged that into another layer. Next I merged all my outlines and triangles and I named them outlines. Then I made a copy of my photo layer. After that I named that layer, Low Poly,  then i took my polygonal lasso tool and started to trace my triangles. While I was tracing a triangle I clicked filter, blur and then average. Next I used my polygonal lasso tool and traced my face. Then I made a copy of that side, and flipped it so that it would look like my other side of my face. Then I made the lines white by double tapping the layer and selecting color overlay.  After that I saved my work.

Comparing and contrasting my low poly portraits one and two. My first poly portrait was a portrait of myself. The second poly portrait was of my mom. For my first portrait I used my photo booth app on my computer to take my photo. For the picture of my mom, I used my phone camera, which is better quality that the photo booth picture. Another contrast is, my second  portrait has a background and my first portrait doesn't have a background. Some similarities are my triangles. I both filled them in with the same tool. They also have little spaces in between the color where I couldn't fill it in. The last similarity is that the both look accurate and they both took long hard work to make these low poly portraits.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Different Ways Nature Impacts My Life.
Nature Impacts my life by being so pretty. When I am walking home from school I can look up an see the beautiful growing mountains. I also see the elegant looking flowers just waiting to be picked. On the weekend I usually go to the beach. The sparkling blue water makes me feel so happy. Me and my siblings have the best time playing in the grainy sand and the beautiful water. Even when if its  raining I will still enjoy all of the beautiful essences that nature gives.

How Slow-mos and Timelapses are Created
A time lapse is created is by using an attachment with your camera. You have to select the words that say time lapse. A time lapse is when you record a video and it speeds things up. Heres an example: if you were to take a time lapse of the clouds, you would have to sit there for a while if you wanted  it to be longer.  The same thing applies when you are using the slow-mo attachment. The slow-mo is when you take a regular video and it slow it down. Here is another example: If you were to take a slow-mo of a wave crashing, you wouldn't need to take such a long video, you would have to record it for a few seconds because it wont be as fast as the time lapse.

The Hardest Part and my Favorite Part of recording my Timelapses and Slow-mos.
The hardest part for me was trying not to move. When I had to take one of my sunsets videos, I was moving all around. Another hard part was when I took my final sunset video. When I took it at the beach, tons of people were moving all around. They were also moving in front of my camera. My favorite part was getting a beautiful video of the sun setting at the beach. It was so pretty, and the colors  looked magnificent. I also  liked the rock dropping on the sand. I thought it was so cool when you see the sand flying everywhere when the rock falls.

I was really nervous when it came my turn for my classmates to see my video. I don't think I should have gotten a two. My video was really good. I think I should have gotten a three. I was so close to a three thought. I probably wouldn't have gotten a three if I made my text overlays a bit larger an if I didn't rate myself a two. I really think that I can do better and make great changes to my video.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

Poetry can be personal by what the person writes. They could write about their life and what they feel. They can also be personal if the author writes about their feelings or about experiences in life. Most poems are emotional or personal, but they can also have a lesson to share about life. When I read poems I mostly feel that the poems are about someones life or about what the writer sees in his or her life. Most of the poems that have a life lessons are for children. They have lessons because some children are still learning and they don't know right from wrong. Some poems can rhyme. Rhyme means Words ending with similar sounds mostly used in music and poetry. A rhyme can also have rhythm. Rhythm means a strong repeated pattern of movement or sound.

Personal Poem
When I write I become light. The light makes me bright
I can take flight and see the White sky.
I will have nice handwriting because I am
fighting for my writing. I am Happy but sometimes snappy.
I will be old and nappy but I won't be sappy. Life is good in childhood.

How I used rhythm and rhyme. I didn't really use rhythm. You can use rhythm by thinking of a beat tune of melody you like. I wasn't really thinking about my rhythm I was thinking more about how I would rhyme. I just thought about what word that I would use to rhyme. I thought about what I would write, then I added some rhyming words to go along with my poem.